1707 Capital is a single-family office with an international, diversified, operating business centric portfolio

About Us

As a family office, we’ve evolved from our esteemed European entrepreneurial legacy, which includes renowned brands such as Grey Poupon, Maille, and Hugo Reitzel. Over the past two decades, our portfolio has diversified significantly, expanding into sectors like glass manufacturing, building materials, business process outsourcing, IT staffing, and agriculture. Led by Paul Bernard Poupon and Maximilian Poupon, our journey continues through 1707 Capital.

Our portfolio today is a testament to our growth and diversification strategy. It encompasses a diverse range of companies, including Reitzel, JG Containers, Global Green, Urvara Krsi, Valerion Health, Aritas Mortgage Solutions, Evorise and more.

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Women represent 50% of our workforce

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Global presence spanning 40 countries

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Over 14,000 team members including 12,000 agricultural partners

A Brief History

Origins of Dijon
Auguste Poupon partners with Maurice Grey to create Grey-Poupon, a Dijon mustard manufacturer.
Initial Growth
Led by Henry and later Bernard Poupon, Grey Poupon mustard gains popularity and recognition for its quality and flavour.
Expansion into the USA
The Heublein Company acquires the American rights to Grey Poupon, later purchased by Kraft Foods in 1999.
Maille & Pickles
Joseph Poupon expands into the pickle market by acquiring Maille and establishing S.E.G.M.A Maille, driving success for both brands.
Joseph Poupon sells S.E.G.M.A. Maille, which later becomes Amora Maille under Unilever’s ownership.
New Generation
Bernard Poupon succeeds Joseph, expanding operations into France, Switzerland, and India, with his son Paul-Bernard leading expansion in the manufacturing and business services sector.
Present: New Generation
Bernard hands over the CEO position to his nephew, Olivier Camile. Maximilian, Bernard’s son, joins the board during this period. Over the last decade, Paul Bernard Poupon and Maximilian Poupon diversify and grow the portfolio with a range of varied services. It encompasses a diverse range of companies, including Reitzel, JG Containers, Global Green, Urvara Krsi, Valerion Health, Aritas Mortgage Solutions, Evorise and more.
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Our Values


Our rich entrepreneurial European heritage anchors our commitment to building enterprises whose core foundation is built on long-term value creation, technology, and innovation

Sustained Growth

Our family's approach intertwines internal growth with strategic external diversification, unlocking a clear value creation roadmap for our growing portfolio 

Strategic Support

We empower our portfolio companies with collaborative and tailored strategic guidance, operational support, and a network of industry resources to achieve sustained growth and excellence 

Empowering Our Portfolio

At 1707 Capital, we help the businesses in our grow and excel by offering strategic advice, operational support and access to industry resources. Our services cover finance, digital solutions, marketing, human resources and legal support, tailored to meet each company's specific goals. We understand that every company has unique needs, so we collaborate closely to provide precisely what they require.

Our Leadership

Maximilian Poupon

Maximilian Poupon is leading the Digital Value Creation team at 1707 Capital, responsible for delivering digital transformation among portfolio companies via software development or data analytics to streamline operations. He is a graduate from McGill University, where he earned a BA in Economics. Prior to 1707 Capital, Maximilian pursued a career in technology consulting at BearingPoint, a European consulting company, where he led digital strategy and technology implementation projects. He is passionate about innovation, particularly the intersection between early-stage ventures and emerging technologies.  

Paul Bernard Poupon

Paul Bernard Poupon is the Managing Director of 1707 Capital, responsible for defining and executing the family office strategy. He is a graduate of University of Richmond, where he earned a bachelor’s in finance and international business. Paul worked at Capgemini, followed by head of operation roles in hospitality and manufacturing companies. A driven entrepreneur, Paul-Bernard is passionate about investing in people and businesses. Being sector agnostic, he believes management and business fundamentals are the driving force behind building long-term value.   

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